'CHIP IN' to Faith Book


Hi there!
So happy to see you here, and to know that you are interested becoming more involved with us here at Faith Book.

We would like to bring to your attention, as a member of Faith Book, the upkeep and expense of this ministry. The upkeep requires a few committed people to daily 'Accept or Decline' each application based upon the answers they give on their initial online request to be a member - you'll remember this taking place when you signed up. The benefits of this kind of approach has enabled us to contribute  non offensive and positive input into the community making it safe for all our  loved ones. 

You might be interested to know that as of Friday June 5th we have 21,312 members on Faith Book, not bad you might say, but honestly it's a very small number considering we have been online for over 8 years. We sense that now is the time to extend our outreach and advertise ourselves on FACEBOOK, where we have a FAITH BOOK page, it has become quite popular with a very warm response to our Christian Spiritual content. By reaching out further with paid advertising, which we've never done before, we are making people aware that we are a safe online community with Christ at the heart. Therefore we believe we can facilitate a 'flow' of new believers into Faith Book and ultimately the Kingdom of God.

The times we all live in have never been as dangerous as they are now - and with one click of a button we are able to reach all of our members instantly if the need ever arises. Help us with the expense of keeping the site up, running, monitored and to be a blessing with its content and professionalism by 'chipping in' today financially. If every member chipped in $1 a year we would be on our way to make Faith Book a global power house for good in reaching the lost and needy people of this world with the 'Good News' that they so desperately need to hear.

That's all for now and thank you for reading this important notice and we all at Faith Book trust you will response favourably in the spirit in which we send you this update.

Every blessing be yours in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bassett
Faith Book