Is FOWC a denomination?

We embrace the notion that the 'one church' is made up of 'born again' believers in Jesus Christ. Therefore we are non-denominational in our thinking and practice. Eph 4:4-6 'There is one body and one Spirit, even as you are called in one hope of your calling; one God and Father of ALL, who is above all and through all, and in you all'.


Is FOWC a mail order ministry?

No, all membership is by application only. There are general requirements for membership.


What qualifications do you require for membership?

 We do not require educational qualifications as much as an applicant's calling to be a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Does FOWC recognise women to be part of the five fold ministry?



Do I have to do anything for FOWC once I become an FOWC Member?

No, however if a member would like to offer any of their services to FOWC we would be open to discussing their participation.


I pastor a church, yet I am not licensed. Can I affiliate my church with  FOWC?

Applicants who put forward their ministry/church should already be ordained. In your case, you can be licensed though FOWC and after one year, subject to requirements and review ordination is available, at which time your church can receive affiliation as well. (see next question)


I have never been ordained, can I get ordained through FOWC?

We feel that the process of ordination is best left to the local church or to those who are better acquainted with the individual minister. To be recognised as an ordained minister, you must have been ordained by the laying on of hands by the leadership of your local church. However, FOWC recognises that ordination is from God and we as men simply recognise God’s calling. Therefore once you have been licensed with FOWC for one year and subject to requirements and review, FOWC can recognise you as an Ordained Minister. At this time you will be able to affiliate your ministry or church as a FOWC Member Ministry/Church. You are welcome to be recognised as an ordained minister with the laying on of hands at a future FOWC Ministers’ Meeting.


Does FOWC endors same sex marriage ceremonies?

No. FOWC does not adhere to doctrines of men and instead values ‘the mystery gospel’ truths, (which include husband and wife being the type and shadow of Christ and the believer) we feel we would be compromising if we embraced same-sex marriage ceremonies.


Do you provide free memberships?

FOWC Annual Memberships are not free. If you are unable to pay the Annual Membership Fee, you will need to contact us with a request for help with payment. FOWC will endeavour to offer you an FOWC Annual Membership from FOWC funds, through fees paid by Members, through those who have donated and through sponsors.


(U.S.A. only)

Will ministerial credentials give an individual tax exemption status?

No. Individuals are not eligible for this type of status. However, there are certain allowances that may apply.


Can I get tax exemption status for my church?

Yes, for those churches that qualify.


Does my church have to be incorporated to get tax exemption status?



What about tax exemption for an evangelistic ministry.

Yes, this is possible for those that qualify.


Am I able to receive donations to my ministry which can be tax deductable for Federal taxes?

You can receive donations to your ministry but you have to report them as personal income to the I.R.S. You have to incorporate as a 501c3 with the U.S. government to issue tax deductible receipts.


I am a chaplain for a sports team. I need to start performing weddings and funerals but the local minister's license I have through my church is not sufficient to perform these duties. I do not want to go through my church's two year process of ordination leading up to becoming a pastor as I have not been called. Can FOWC accommodate my needs?

Yes. The license you can receive from FOWC is a legal credential in the U.S. to perform marriages and funerals.. We do not require any changes in your ministry work or church attendance.